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Spring Rompers for the Win!

Green Checkered Romper | Jimmy Choo Shoes | Gold Hoops | David Yurman Ring

Spring is finally here and that means dresses, mini skirts and rompers! Since I am petite, it’s a struggle for me to find dresses that fit my body. I usually wind up hemming all of them, even the sun dresses because they fall below the knee and that’s not cute. Like, at all! Luckily, some amazing person invented rompers. Thank you baby Jesus! (insert choir singing hallelujah). Rompers are a saving grace for petites like me! I find that rompers make my legs look longer because of the way they are cut. Some rompers appear to look like a really short dress. For instance, have you ever seen someone wearing a romper and before you even realized it was one, you probably judged her, “OMG, her dress is so short!” until five minutes later, you look a little closer and realize it’s actually shorts. LOL Your brain immediately forgives her and starts googling rompers because it’s so adorable! Been there, done that. What I am trying to say is, rompers give you the freedom to show off your legs and it’s okay because…well, it’s a romper! This helps us petite ladies by accentuating our legs and making us appear taller. I need all the illusions I can get. So, this spring, I intend to buy a LOT of rompers. I’ve linked my romper above right under the picture for y’all. I’ve  also linked some super cute rompers I found from Selfie Leslie. I wear a size S in case you’re wondering what size to choose from. Enjoy loves!

Lacey Romper  Ivory Romper  Ivory Polka Dot Romper  Floral Romper



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