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De-PUFF Those Bags…Under Your Eyes

VII Code, which is a professional eye and skincare brand launched their first EVER under eye mask that is safe to use for 8 hours, called the O2M Oxygen Eye Mask. HELLO!!! Did you hear me? This means you can sleep with these bad boys on. YAY! They are literally amazing! They are nice and cool when you place them underneath your eyes and the coolness lasts all night. Plus, they don’t move from your face once you place them in position. No sticky residue either…just the coolness of the eye pad. These pads are for dark circles and fine lines. They help to nourish the skin underneath and around the eyes, leaving you feeling refreshed and well rested. I have been using them once a week for a month now and I am hooked. I already bought a second box!

I recommend these easy-to-use under eye pads to anyone, male or female! Ladies, they are a MUST after your nightly beauty routine. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

Occasionally, I do struggle with puffiness/bags under my eyes; however, it’s usually when I stay up too late binge watching the latest Netflix series. Why else would I be up at 2am?Anyway, I found these under eye pads to be a gem in situations like these. I absolutely LOVE wearing them while I watch my shows at night and they are so soothing I think they actually make me fall asleep faster.

Get your box here -> O2M Oxygen Eye Mask



Thank you VII Code!

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