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All About My Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hi All! I know a lot of you have been asking how I put my Clip-In Hair Extensions in, so I wanted to write a blog about how I do it. 🙂 As you can see in these below pictures, my extensions blend seamlessly with my hair color and it makes my hair so full and bouncy. I absolutely love them! They immediately make me feel sexy as soon as I put them in!

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How to Put the Extensions In

The Goo Goo Hair Extensions come in a variety of colors, including highlights and ombre/balayage shades. When you receive the extensions, you will see there are 6 wefts of hair (1 four clip-in weft, 2 three clip-in wefts, 2 two clip-in wefts and 2 one clip-in wefts). The first thing I do is section out my hair by using the end of my fine tooth comb. I make a clean line underneath my ear and tie the rest of my hair up. I then take my fine tooth comb to tease my hair where the extensions will go (please refer to the video below). You can use hair spray for a better hold but in the video below I opted not to put any in yet. I then take the four clip-in weft and clip it into my hair making sure it’s nice and tight. I then take one of the three clip-in wefts and add it right below the four clip-in weft. I then let down a second layer of hair. Using the end of my fine tooth comb again, I section my hair off and tie the reminder up. I then tease some of the hair below, add the second three clip-in weft as well as adding the 2 two clip-in wefts on the sides of my head. Finally, I let all my hair down and judge where the 2 one clip-in wefts should go. Once all the wefts are in, do not get discouraged, we still need to blend it! I then curl my hair with a 1in. Hot Tools Curling Iron the way I normally would with my natural hair. Making sure to curl my natural hair with the extensions so it blends well. I keep one dry curler in at the top of my head to give it body. Once, I am done curling my hair, I then brush it out, add some hairspray and I am good to go! Please check out the below video for my extension tutorial.

I absolutely love my extensions and I hope you do to! I wear them to give my hair some body. They def. take your look from “Okay” to “WOW” immediately. haha At least that’s my opinion. I immediately feel sexier when I put them in. I hope you guys do too! Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you do wind up buying the Goo Goo Hair Extensions from Amazon, please let me know your feedback. I love hearing from you guys!

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Have a great Valentine’s Day Weekend! Love You All!



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