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4 Food Bloggers to Follow on Insta NOW!

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Who doesn’t love a good food pic, right? Now a days, us millennials HAVE to snap a pic of our food before we eat it, even if we are ravenous, the pic comes first. Why?….Um, if you have to ask, are you even a true millennial? It’s because maybe it looks too good not to post AND “pics or it didn’t happen.” Lucky for you, I did some research and found 4 amazing food bloggers you need to follow ASAP. Their blogs are amazing, recipes are a must try, and their food photography is on point. Most of their food photography leaves me drooling and wishing I could taste exactly what is in each picture. See below loves! 🙂

1. Chocolate and Cheese Please! (@chocolateandcheeseplease) – If you like SPICY foods, this is the blog for you! Megha Patel is not only my BFF but an amazing cook and food blogger. Yes, I am biased because she is my main chic and you have probably seen her in most of my pictures (including the main photo above) but I am telling you, her blog is awesome! Legit! Her passion for cooking shows in all of her recipes and food photography. She puts jalapeños on basically everything so if you love foods with a kick, this is your go-to girl! She also blogs about lifestyle and fashion. A foodie that can dress well? It’s a win win! Check out her blog ( and feel free to follow her on Instagram for quick and easy recipes, travel advice, and even the latest fashion trends.

2. Love & Lemons (@loveandlemons) –  Jeanine Donofrio cooks healthy vegetarian recipes. Her photography is amazing and she even has a new cook book that will be available April 2nd called, “Love & Lemons Every Day.” Check it out on her Instagram so you can pre-order it! It includes over 100 new veggie recipies. YAAASSSS! Her Instagram feed is light and airy, similar to her healthy recipes and that makes my heart happy. 🙂 There is just something about a clean crisp photo of food on some white marble slab that makes me smile. I mean, look at the doughnut photo! #feedgoals

3. Chad Montano (@briewilly) – Where my MEAT lovers at!? BACON, PORK, STEAK, BURGERS…you name it, Chad Montano has the photography and the recipes for it. His photos are out of this world and he provides most of his recipes right in his Instagram caption, it doesn’t get any easier than that folks! #winning Can we just stop for a second and appreciate the bottom right hand photo which captures a perfectly cooked egg with it’s yolk dripping down the side of the sandwich. WOW…immediate follow.

4. Feed Your Girlfriend (@feedyourgirlfriend) – We get HANGRY if we haven’t eaten, so please feed us! Have you fed your girlfriend yet? What are you waiting for! I lOVE this Instagram feed. Calling all desert lovers…if you don’t follow this account, you’re missing out. Especially if you live near NYC. This couple has tried almost all of New York’s famous deserts and blogged/snapped photos of them. Check them out!

Now that you are probably all starving from looking at these photos, go grab some food, you deserve it. 😉 Happy Friday loves!


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