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Zodiac Necklace | Gold Hoops | NastyGal Dress | Shoes I hope everyone is staying safe inside. This virus is effecting everyone. From not being able to do your daily things you once loved to some losing loved ones. Many people have lost jobs, which has dramatically effected families. It's truly heartbreaking. I pray every night for those who have lost someone

I LOVE a good inspirational quote. I often find myself getting lost in Pinterest at 3am just reading quotes that make me feel good. A great quote can change your perspective on everything! Never under estimate the power of words. So simply sit back and read these bomb ass quotes to brighten your day! 10 Inspirational Quotes to Make You Smile

NastyGal Red Dress | Louboutin Heels | Similar Nude Heels | Sixty Stax Necklace It's that time of year again! Wedding season! Does anyone else feel like they are attending a wedding every weekend? I do! Although, attending weddings is an excuse to get all dolled up and witness your besties marry their soulmates

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Hi friends! My name is Amanda Jean Carluccio. Through this blog, I aim to inspire others through my personal (hopefully funny) stories and fashion styles, and to be a positive role model for all young women and bloggers out there. Thanks so much for visiting!


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